Animate to Educate is an animation studio focused on delivering meaningful, engaging and educational animation products.  Working with a range of Companies, Schools, Associations, Educational Bodies and Universities to deliver their messages into meaningful content. We have a team of highly skilled animators, creatives, voice-over artists, and project managers to ensure our customers are thrilled with their animations. Our goal is to get a clear understanding of your desired outcomes so that we can re-create your vision.

Exceptional outcomes

With a streamlined process, we work with you to ensure your outcomes are achieved

From concept to animation

We lead you through the entire animation development process.

Animate to Educate offers a range of services, including:

Need an animation in your viewers language

We have access to professional voice over artists who can narrate animations in many different languages.

Animate to Educate is a dedicated animation studio focused on bringing your messages to life. We have gathered the best designers, creative heads, and animators to create impactful and meaningful animation projects.


We follow a streamlined process

Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to develop animations that meet their needs. For this reason we follow a simple streamlined process.


Work with you to refine the concepts for your animation, ensuring that the finished product will meet your goals.


The storyline and script form the foundation of the animation. We work with you to develop the script which will be used for all aspects of the project – the visuals, the voice over.

Character Development

Custom characters are developed to meet your specific needs and to enhance the storyboard narrative of the animation.


This is the time where the storyline is brought to life with visuals and colour. During this process, the ideas of the visuals are matched to the script.


The music and voiceovers for the animation are chosen to reflect the intended vibe of the animation.


All of the work from the script, character development, storyboarding, voiceovers and music selection are all pieced together to bring the animate to life. Once complete you are able to review it as a complete animation.

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